Behavior and Discipline Policy

Our aim is to promote good behavior and ensure that all children are provided with love and care, security, adequate rest and nutrition, the freedom to explore, a positive self image, suitable adults as role models, consistency in their treatment, boundaries to behavior, opportunities for self expression and opportunities for learning.

There will never be any form of physical punishment i.e. smacking, slapping or shaking. Our children will never be subject to humiliation or labeled as 'naughty' and staff will endeavour never to raise their voices. Individuality is encouraged and the children are taught by example. Discussions regarding children's inappropriate behavior will be held within their own environment and we will not withdraw them from the area in which their class is as a sanction.

We follow a policy of positive behavior management and we reinforce acceptable behaviors at all times. We view social conflict between children as another learning opportunity where adults support and encourage children to identify problems, solve them and celebrate the successful resolution of conflict.

On occasion, children may demonstrate unwanted behavior in the form of shouting, snatching, biting, hitting or attempting to destroy materials. We acknowledge this can be a phase children go through whilst they are learning the art of self control. These incidences will be few and far between and will not ordinarily raise cause for concern. On occasions a child may demonstrate these traits more often than normal. Under these circumstances a child will be supported to control her / his behavior and parents will be informed so we can work together to establish a strong support network to eradicate the unwanted behavior.