Other Services

1. Transportation

Our transportation service promises parents a convenient and reliable means of transporting their children TO and FROM The Baby Academy in a system that puts immense priority on ensuring the safety and security of children at all times. We promise you:
  • The quality of the drivers, their experience, training and their commitment to our safety and security regulations.
  • The maintenance and the regular check-up on the performance of the buses.
  • The consistency in the quality of the transportation service. All buses have fully functioning air conditioning systems, all seats have seat belts, an emergency mobile is in every bus, and the buses are there every day to start their tours on time so as not to affect the parents' life and work commitments.
If you wish to subscribe to the transportation service, please fill the form at the Admissions Office.

2. Extended Hours Service

Our Working hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm from Sundays to Thursdays. All children are expected to be picked up by 4:00 pm.

The Baby Academy offers extended hours service for its children from 4:00 – 6:30 pm. Children picked up at 4:30 pm & onwards will be automatically considered benefiting from the service; hence, the corresponding fee will be applicable. Please check with the Admission the special offer of the monthly Extended Hours Service.

3. Daily Report

For working mothers who are not able to talk to their child’s teacher on a daily basis, a daily report is made available in coordination with the Admissions Office.

4. The Baby Academy Events

We truly believe we all benefit from a sense of belonging to a community.

For this reason at The Baby Academy we plan several events throughout the year. They include Christmas Festivals, Mother’s Day Parties, Book Fairs, Graduation Parties and Fun Days. These events bring staff, parents and children together in new and exciting ways; sharing, celebrating & learning together. Look out for invitations and notices to these special events throughout the year.

Field trips

Exposing your child to new and different places enriches his/her knowledge & awareness, that’s why The Baby Academy holds regular trips and tries to relate the location of the trip to the current theme. Your child will be under the supervision of his/her class teacher or any authorized employee of The Baby Academy. Previous trips have included Idea Villa, Kids Café, Sunbird Culture Garden, Dogs Hotel, Azhar Park, Cairo Zoo, Circus and Library, and many more… A trip form will be sent home with each child, you are requested to fill and return it back if you wish your child to attend the trip.