Our Staff

We take great pride in our staff members as they are meticulously chosen and invested in. They are highly qualified professionals who share a strong awareness of and care for the children. The staff at The Baby Academy shares the same vision; they all want to make a difference in their communities and through the children in their classes. They are trained both by The Baby Academy’s own experienced training department and through outside agencies and carefully selected trainers in the latest curriculum developments, teaching techniques, supportive approaches and child development.

Many staff also seek further professional qualifications and training at local institutes, universities and on-line. Such personal, professional development is actively encouraged and supported.

Each centre has key staff appointed as supervisors, supporting the class teams. They work very closely with The Baby Academy Education Director who monitors and supports education provision across all sections (English, French and German) in all centers. Our support staff (nannies, cleaning teams, kitchen staff, drivers, and security) is given on-the job training to ensure they maintain our high standards of hygiene, safety and care.

Staff in all centers is also given regularly updated training in:
  1. First Aid
  2. Emergency and evacuation procedures
  3. Security procedures