1- I would like to know more information about The Baby Academy’s Infant class.
The adult-baby ratio in our Infant class never exceeds four babies per adult. Every child has his/her own bed, and the sheets are changed on a daily basis. Depending on the baby’s age, formula and /or meals are either provided by the parents, or the baby eats the meals that are on The Baby Academy’s menu. Solids are always introduced to the baby in close consultation with the mother, and no new foods are ever given to the baby without the mother’s prior knowledge. Each baby follows the same schedule for meals and naps that they are accustomed to at home. In their free time, they are exposed to games and activities to develop their growth and fine motor skills, pre-language skills, self-help skills and cognitive skills.

2- How does The Baby Academy deal with medical emergencies?
All the staff at The Baby Academy is qualified to deal with minor accidents. Staff members receive First Aid training, which is then repeated every six months. If the child has a problem that does not require hospitalization, such as vomiting or a fever, the child’s parents are informed and The Baby Academy’s Health and Safety Expert, is called in to examine the child and prescribe medication if needed. If a problem is more serious, two steps are immediately taken:

  1. The child’s parents are informed of the situation.
  2. The child is taken to the nearest hospital to our center, where we have an agreement to admit sick children.

3- Can The Baby Academy accommodate my child’s food allergy?
Parents should always alert us of their child’s allergies when filling in the application form. If a child develops an allergy later on, then parents should inform the Admission’s Office immediately. We can accommodate children’s food allergies to a certain extent. If the child is allergic to chocolate, we can substitute foods containing chocolate with other foods (we would give them vanilla custard instead of chocolate custard, for example). If a child is allergic to a particular fruit, we can give them another kind of fruit instead. Children who are allergic to foods that are featured regularly on The Baby Academy’s menu, however, such as dairy products and wheat, should bring their own meals from home.

4- How long should my child stay at home if s/he still needs to take medication after s/he comes back to The Baby Academy?
As a general guideline, if your child is too sick to go outdoors, then s/he is too sick to go to preschool. Your child is welcome when s/he has only a mild cold and is able to participate in a daily activities, but children who show any of the following symptoms will only be accepted back 24 hours after all symptoms have disappeared: Flu of fever; pink eye; unusual rash; throat/ear/chest infection; rapid or labored breathing; vomiting; diarrhea; lice. If your child needs to take oral medication during the day while in class, please bring the medication in its original container and fill out a “Medication Authorization Form” at the Admission’s Office for each medication.